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Police Appreciation Day and Constitution Day

Thursday September 17

Celebrate The Law and Law Enforcement Officers

As you know there has been a drastic increase in violence and violent attacks against police all over this country. Police now put their lives on the line everyday just by wearing their uniforms in public.

Thursday September 17th is Constitution Day. Indy Defenders of Liberty felt there couldn’t be a better way of recognizing that day than by celebrating not only our US Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, but the police officers and law enforcement who have sworn an oath to defend it and fellow countryman.

To honor our police officers and the Constitution, Indy Defenders of Liberty is promoting Thursday September 17th as Police Appreciation and Constitution Day. We are inviting everyone to join with us in this celebration.

We have created a list of ideas which we felt can help honor our police and celebrate Our Constitution that day:

  1. Wear Blue shirts - appropriate messages can be added for a personal touch.
  2. Wear blue ribbons.
  3. Turn your headlights on when driving that day.
  4. Put a sign in/on your car supporting your local police.
  5. Write a letter to the sheriff and local law enforcement thanking them for their service and send a note to anyone you know who is in law enforcement.
  6. Make a point to personally thank a police officer that day.
  7. Have local business post signs in their locations thanking and honoring police.
  8. Put signs at your local police station.
  9. Coordinate a local community thank you.
  10. Place a blue light bulb in your front porch lights and turn on that evening.
  11. Read the Constitution at your local town hall.
  12. Call in to a radio show and mention Constitution Day and try and read short part of it.

We are sure you can think of many other ways to honor our police and Constitution that day. We invite you to use your ideas ! Please your ideas with us !

Please pass along this day of recognition day to others you know.

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